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Responsible Gaming

For most people, gambling is an activity that is fun and entertaining - one that can be experienced with little or no harmful effects. For others, gambling can be a serious problem that continues even after the fun is gone.

Problem gambling is a progressive behavioral disorder in which an individual has a psychologically uncontrollable preoccupation and urge to gamble. This results in excessive gambling, the outcome of which is the loss of time, money and self-esteem. The gambling reaches a point at which it compromises, disrupts, and ultimately destroys the gambler's personal life, family relationships, and vocational pursuits. These problems in turn lead to intensification of the gambling behavior. The principal features are emotional dependence on gambling, loss of control and interference with normal functioning.

Just as some people can become addicted to drugs or alcohol, it is possible for a person to become obsessed with an uncontrollable urge to gamble. The impact of this addiction is much greater than the obvious financial losses that can result from repeated gambling. The long-term result is a steady deterioration of the mental and physical health of both the gambler and their family.

While we value you as our guests, we also value your health and well being. If you feel as though you have a gambling addiction we ask that you seek assistance immediately through the below options.

National Helpline for Problem Gambling 1-800-522-4700
Web Sites for Problem Gambling
National Council on Problem Gambling www.npcgambling.org
Gamblers Anonymous www.gamblersanonymous.org
Gam-Anon www.gam-anon.org
Nevada Council on Problem Gambling www.nevadacouncil.org

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